Foods to Eat for a Healthy Digestive System

You are what you eat, but more significantly, what you eat is reflected in your digestion. Due to factors like a diet lacking in fibre and such, even a healthy individual can develop digestive problems. So we list down the best foods that can help you to improve your digestion. Water Since water aids in […]

Candida Diet: How Does It Work and Meal Plan

The candida diet, which many people are considering using to prevent the proliferation of the candida fungus in the body that causes an illness, is not very well known. According to some research, this diet is thought to heal the symptoms of a yeast infection and create a strict eating regimen that forbids certain dairy […]

Tips to Avoid IBS Symptoms

If you have IBS, often known as irritable bowel syndrome, you are aware that sometimes the flare-ups can be unpredictable. Other times, you might come across some triggers that can make your illness worse. The trick is to identify your personal triggers and then stay away from them. To prevent IBS flare-ups, follow these suggestions. […]

What is a Nutritionist? Benefits and What to Expect

Should you ask a nutritionist for advice? It depends. Do you wish to lead a healthier life? Maybe you need assistance losing weight. Or perhaps assistance with a bothersome health issue. The best option might be a nutritionist. You must be certain that the medical practitioner you ask for advice from is the correct specialist […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Diet, Lifestyle, and Medications

Nobody with IBS reacts the same way to a particular diet or medicine. However, there are many things that can be useful if you have received a diagnosis. General Recommendations for Treating Symptoms of IBS Prepare meals at home using fresh foods wherever possible. Keep a log of your diet and any symptoms you have […]

Reasons Why You Need to Consult a Nutritionist

What is a Nutritionist? A nutritionist is a person who provides advice to people on what to eat in order to live a healthy lifestyle or to accomplish a particular health objective, such as burning calories or lowering blood pressure. How Important is a Nutritionist? Your nutritionist will assist you in making appropriate food selections […]

How to Know If You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Are you finding that having to use the restroom frequently affects your daily life? Perhaps you too experience discomfort in your abdomen? If yes, you might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, sometimes known as IBS. It is a condition that alters bowel habits and results in cramping and pain in the abdomen. It is known to […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Nutritionist

Thinking about what to eat every day and your habits related to eating are the first things that come to mind. In order to get healthier, we need a nutritional plan that may help us achieve our health goals, which may include reducing cardiovascular risk factors, boosting fertility, and supporting healthy ageing. Understanding why you’re […]

What Foods Cause SIBO?

When you actually have digestive problems, but you are unable to resolve them, and weeks have gone, the discomfort and diarrhoea are still present. It is possible that you might have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). When the population of bacteria in the small intestine increases abnormally, SIBO typically begins. Your small intestine has been […]

Remedies to Relieve a Bloated Stomach and Its Cause

A swollen stomach is defined by a feeling of tightness, pressure, or fullness in the stomach. A clearly distended (swollen) abdomen may or may not be present. This sensation might range from mildly unpleasant to excruciatingly agonising. It normally goes away after a while, but it might be a recurring issue for some people. Bloating […]